JCB Precision provides complete certification packages with each production run of a component. The three most common certs are Certificate of Conformance (COC), Material Mill Certification, Outside Process (OSP) Certifications.

Certificate of Conformance (COC)

The COC is provided by JCB Precision to certify that the component was manufactured per customer specifications. It also serves as a document which ties the component’s information (PN, Rev, PO#, etc.) to manufacturing documentation such as:

  • Manufacturing Work Order
  • Machining Inspection Reports
  • Material Mill Certs
  • Material Origin and Heat Lot(s)
  • OSP Certs

When products are complete, a thorough review is performed of all documentation to insure accuracy and completion. Once this is confirmed, the COC is signed and we are certifying that the components meet all of the customer’s requirements.

Click here to view a Sample COC.

Material Mill Certification

JCB Precision requires its suppliers to provide a Mill Certification with each material shipment. The mill cert is reviewed during a thorough receiving inspection process. This inspection verifies that the material meets the customer requirements including:

  • Size & Alloy
  • Specifications (AMS, ASTM, ANSI, MIL, etc.)
  • Condition, Heat treat, or Temper
  • Country of Origin
  • Heat Lot specified
  • Special Mechanical Properties
  • Special Chemical Properties

After the material passes the inspection process, each piece of material is identified and color coded for complete traceability. Only then is it available for use in production.

Click here to view a Sample Mill Certificate.

Outside Process (OSP) Certification

Components are often sent to outside suppliers for special finishing operations such as plating, passivation, or heat treating. Outside suppliers are required to provide certification that they have performed their operation and met all application customer specifications.

When returned to JCB, the parts are inspected by a QC inspector. The supplier’s certification is reviewed for accuracy and documentation of work performed. Additionally, machined features that may be affected by the outside process undergo measurement verification (ie: before and after plated dimensions). Information is recorded on JCB incoming inspection reports. After the outside process is qualified by our inspector, the components continue to the next operation. OSP reports and certifications are included in the quality package that is shipped with the job to our customer.

As with all documentation at JCB, certifications are stored indefinitely on company servers for future availability and traceability. All information is backed up on-site and off-site to protect against any potential data loss.

Click here to view a Sample OSP Certificate.