CNC Machining

JCB Precision is a CNC machined component manufacturer that specializes in precision turning and multitasking CNC machining. We manufacture machined parts to your specifications, processes, and drawings.

While manufacturing parts ranging from 1/2″ diameter to 8″ diameter, we are typically producing features with +/-.0005″ and +/-.001″ tolerances and creating sealing surfaces in the 16Ra to 32Ra ranges.

Multi-Tasking Approach

At JCB Precision, our culture is to produce the highest quality parts in the most efficient way possible. By utilizing equipment that combines a precision CNC lathe and an advanced CNC mill, we produce very complex parts in one operation. This means that parts are not subjected to being moved from machine to machine which involves re-chucking or re-fixturing. Each time a component is moved to another workcenter, an opportunity for error is created. By producing in one operation, all feature locations are controlled by the machine not a machine operator. Features are accurately positioned, part after part, providing the consistency required for the most demanding industries. Our equipment utilizes multi-tasking which allows us to perform these multiple operations in one setup. Rather than having to perform the turning operations and then send your parts to a secondary mill/ drill operation, we’ll perform the secondary operations simultaneously with the turning. This decreases throughput time and improves the quality by eliminating an opportunity for defect due to “re-chucking” at the secondary operation.

Multi-Axis Capability

JCB Precision has the ability to produce components with features requiring multiple simultaneous axis machining. With advanced CAM systems, we are able to machine features with 3, 4, and 5 axis control.


A large percentage of our market base is in the offshore energy and aerospace industries. We make valve components including precision pistons, cylinders, shuttle rods, shafts, ferrules, fittings, and fluid fasteners. The environment that the parts we make must survive in demand being produced from specialized materials. We offer in-depth experience and knowledge in producing parts made from materials that are needed for these industries. Primary materials stocked and used at JCB Precision include:

  • Austenitic Stainless; 304, 316, 321, 347, Nitronic 50 & Nitronic 60
  • Precipitating Hardening Stainless; 17-4PH H1150, HH1150, & H900
  • Martensitic Stainless; 416, 440C

Though our core competencies reside in stainless steel machining, we are also very proficient in machining common non-ferrous materials including various grades and tempers of:

  • Aluminum; 2024, 6061, 7075
  • Bronze; C510, C544, C630, C841, C932, & C954
  • Copper; C101, C110, C145
  • Brass; C360, C464
  • Plastics; Acetal/ Delrin, Nylon, Ertalyte TX, Ultem, PEEK, ABS, UHMW, and Machinable Ceramics
  • Titanium; 6AL-4V, CP Grade 2, CP Grade4
  • Inconel 600 series

Learn more about our advanced CNC equipment or about our quality process control.