The Company

2003 – JCB Performance Machine was formed.

James Blanco, Owner/President, set out to use his experience and attention to detail to start a small company to produce components for the aftermarket automotive industry. Within a short amount of time he found his precision machining services were needed in other industries and markets.

2004 – Moved to a modest 1,500sqft shop in Epsom, NH

With this move, JCB began producing machined components for more industrial based customers.

2006 – JCB was incorporated to JCB Performance Machine, LLC.
2006 – Moved into 6,500 sqft space in Concord, NH

With a rapidly growing customer base, including a small aerospace firm, the move would accommodate our existing growth and provide for future expansion. JCB acquired an Overhead Bridge Crane that could access any point on the manufacturing floor.

2008- JCB finds a niche in producing offshore energy valve components produced from stainless steel and other challenging to machine materials.
2012 – Acquires 5-axis, Mill/Turn Mazak Integrex

The added capability opened the door to produce more complex components, more efficiently than ever imagined. It changed the direction of growth and attracted new clients in need of this type of service.

2014 – Acquires 6th multi-axis CNC machine.

Increasing capacity and capability to keep up with the growth.

2016 – Adds 2,000 sqft of additional manufacturing space bringing the total plant size to 8,500 sqft in Concord, NH.
2018 – Adds Zeiss CMM capability

As JCB takes on more complex and tight tolerance work, this acquisition dramatically improved the quality control side of manufacturing.

2019 – JCB offers Laser Marking Services

Adding laser marking equipment allowed JCB to offer more value and be a one-stop-shop for machined parts that required marking and identification.

2024 – Company name changed to JCB Precision, LLC.

After 20 years of business and growth, the scope of work and services offered by JCB was primarily focused around high quality, precision machining and manufacturing. The new name better identified what the company had evolved into.