Process Control

JCB Precision has a system in place to control every aspect of the manufacturing process, from order receipt until the product is shipped to your facility. Our Process control provides the framework, integrating our advanced manufacturing capability with high standards of QC inspection, to produce and deliver exceptional products.

Our process control is documented in our Quality Manual. It consists of two primary components: Standards & Procedures and Work Instructions.

Standards and Procedures

The Standards and Procedures document is the structure of our process control system. It provides an overview of:

  • Sales and Service (Quoting, Order Receipts, & Engineering Review)
  • Procurement (Material Ordering, Receiving, & Handling)
  • Manufacturing (Order Processing, Documentation, & Non-Conforming Product)
  • Order Completion (Shipping, Stocking, & Order Finalization)

Work Instructions

The Work Instructions serve as a more detailed description of how these tasks are performed. They create consistency, are used for training and re-training, and promote continuous improvement.

  • Sales and Purchase Order Processing
  • Material Handling
  • Machine Setup and Inspection documentation
  • Special Customer Specifications
The quality manual also identifies:

  • Quality Organization Chart (who is permitted to carry out certain tasks)
  • Approved Vendor Lists

Our system provides the means to insure we are making the correct part, to the correct specifications and revision levels, from the correct material, deliver it safely to the customer, and fully document how and when it was done.